Sestilio Burattini

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Sestilio Burattini

Sestilio Burattini was born in 1947  in  Magione (Perugia) Italy, where he lives and he works. He is  a teacher of technique of marble and hard stones at  the Academy of Arts of Perugia of which he is also merit academic. His  works are found in private and public collections, in Italy and abroad.

Title of the project: "Memory of the wind"

Concept: "Wind is a recurrent theme in my work. Wind is introducing me in the inner sounds and voices world. It gives me the strength of life and emotions giving shape to my soul. I am really proud to leave one sign of my life in such an enchanting place as Ayia Napa."

Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 65 cm and 100 X 90 X 80 cm

Work period: 19/04/2015-10/05/2015