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Concept: " Conceptually work referred to Atacama desert in northern Chile. They have a host of mysteries and beliefs in their ancient mythology for diversity of people who lived among the Coast Sea and interior or desert, which allude on your way to recreate the charm magic of solitude, infinite overwhelming and landscapes. Also include in your way out empty the sinuosity topography of the desert to which it recreate.

The infinite and simple ways to intense landscape and powerful is high minimum elements in interpreting sculpture, where interpretive texture. I allude the instrument or appliances lithic built and symbolized the power. They also conferred on estosartefactos the quality of title on other things, and this act of spell and mystery is to date part of the history of Atacama and turn the history of mankind ".

Dimensions: 200 X 80 X 75 cm
Work period: 20/04/2015-09/05/2015