Alex Labejof

Alex Labejof

Alex Labejof is from France.he is a professional sculptor since 1985. He has several monumental sculptures located in France , Italy, Germany , Finland, Latvia , Austria , Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Dubai, Korea, Burkina Faso.He mainly works  combining stone and metal on a architectural style. He participated in  exhibitions and symposiums in many different countries.

Title of the project: "YIN and YANG"

Concept: " The sculpture is full of contrasts and complementarity between stone/steel, empty/full, light/shadow, in/out, fragile/solid, light/heavy, raw/smooth. It suggests that no black colour exists without white, no music without silence, no movement without steadyness, no you without me, etc, and ymbolizes Yin and Yang to say that living together means accepting the differencies".

Materials and dimesions :
Limestone and steel 400 x 80 x 50 cm
One block of limestone 250 x80 x 50 cm
One block of gabbro 50 x50 x 50 cm
Steel (stainless or raw) 2 sheets of 2000x1000x2 mm

Work period: 21/04/2015-10/05/2015