Alexey Kanis

Alexey Kanis

Alexey Kanis was born in Russia in 20.01.1983.  He Graduated from the Academy of Art and Industry, Department of  Monumental Sculpture. He has participated in many exhibitions for example:
In 2010 Exhibition "St. Petersburg artist" in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" ,
in 2010 Exhibition in the gallery of modern sculpture In 2011 Exhibition in the museum "Dostoevskiy".
In 2015 participant of the 6th International Sculpture Symposium in Lasa Italy and "Arctic Art Week" in Finland

He was awarded for his work in various competitions for example:
2012 Prize winner of the sculpture competition " Russian Art Week in Moscow",
2012 Prize winner of the sculpture competition "Ukraine Art Week Kiev".

Title of the project:  "LEDA AND THE SWAN"

Concept: My project Leda and the Swan is the story and the subject of art from Greek mythology, in which the god Zeus in the form of a swan seduces Leda. My composition is made in the form of architectural sculpture. My sculpture is static. It gives the form of monumentality.

Material: Limestone
Dimensions: A) 270 x 170 x 100 cm B) 150 x 150 x 20 cm
Work period: 25/01/2016 - 13/02/2016